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Oval cut engagement rings have interesting history. Before become a oval cut engagement rings for sale of jewelery like now. The most Engagement rings for Men and Women that use for oval cut engagement rings are diamond. Diamond especially is just like another jewelery. Oval cut engagement rings like the name, is made by a diamond. Since 2000 years ago, diamond became a best jewelery in the world. This is due to the durability of the diamond owned natural chemical formula for that code diamonds called adamas = invincible. Thus becoming a symbol of courage invincible.

Diamond known as the hardest precious stone was later used as a symbol of eternal love human pair. Oval cut engagement rings become more favorite. After 19th , diamond more easily to get in many mines in the world. From that time, a tradition to use engagement ring, especially oval diamond engagement ring become a favorite tradition not just in Europe but in Indonesia too. Engagement ring serves as a symbol of past to present today. Wedding ring became a symbol constantly remind and express their desire to always deepen the love to his partner.

In another story, a hobby to use diamond comes from India. This story said that Indian like to use diamond, and they search for diamond from river. The most Diamond is founded in a long of Penner river, Krishna and Godavari. Some historians estimate that India is the diamond trade since the beginning of the fourth century BC or during the 3000 year, although the youngest deposits formed 900 million years ago. Most of the stones are initially brought along a network of trade routes between India and China, commonly known as the Silk Road.

Diamond grandeur has been rewarded for centuries, but there is not much scientific knowledge about it before the twentieth century. Since then, knowledge of diamonds has grown steadily, with research conducted by chemists, physicists, geologists, mineral, and oceanographers. In just the last 50 years, scientists have learned much about how to form a diamond and how they are transported to the surface of the earth. Knowledge that has made it easier to predict the location for new diamond discoveries.

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beatiful oval cut engagement rings design
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neil oval cut engagement rings lane
antique oval cut engagement rings style
leo oval cut engagement rings ingwer
stone oval cut engagement rings diamond

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