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Irish engagement rings usually called Calddagh engagement ring. Calddagh engagement ring is a Irish Engagement Rings Cheap. This ring is a symbol of love and usually use for couple who wants to continue their relation to be a couple of husband and wife. There are 3 Engagement rings for Men and Women that formed by calddagh engagement ring. First, it is two hands that can not be separated , heart, and crown. Hands is a symbol of friendship and make us remember about fede Europe ring. This ring is consist of 2 hand that can not be separated and Fede is from Italian Phrase.

Fede is a joining of faith. Fade ring is a symbol of swear that for a love ring. Heart in the center of irish engagement rings are representing of love. Crown that sits in the heart is a symbol of fidelity, in this case loyalty and devotion to the partnership. Together the three symbols represent what it takes to create a lasting bond and relationship. Irish engagement rings have good history. Calddagh is a fisherman village on the Galway city. There are some story which mention that calddagh engagement ring comes from Joyce Family.

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The first Irish engagement rings have sign that made by Richard Joyce and come from Calddagh design. The other popular story about history of Irish engagement rings also about joyce’s name. Margaret Joyce has many treasure from her husband Domingo de Rona. He is a business man. When he died, he came back to Galway and use his treasure to build a bridge in Galway and sligo. He is continue to marry with Oliver og Francis in 1596. From those story above, we know that the conclusion is Clddagh is a symbol of love in Irish jewelery. If you interest to use this ring, you can visit jewelery store around you.

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