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Emerald engagement ring is a new innovation in Emerald Engagement Rings Vintage. Emerald, comes from many languages. There are France : Esmeraude , England : Emeraude),Greece : σμάραγδος (smaragdos; “permata hijau”); Persia (زمرد zomorrod), Turkish (zümrüt), Sansekerta (मरग्दम् maragdam), Georgia (ზურმუხტი, zurmukhti), Rusia (изумруд; izumrud) dan zmruxt Armenia.
Emerald engagement ring usually has a young green color or old green color. This color is caused by a kelumit kromium. Emerald engagement ring is known start to use from India and Mesir about 5000 years ago with named “Smaragdos” from Greece Language. Smaragdos, it means “green”. In the beginning of 1900th, there is a rough emerald which has a big form in the history, it is about 1383,95 carat in Colombia. Emerald can be found in many country in the world. It is Afganista, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Kamboja, Canada, China, Mesir, Ethiopia, France, Jermany, India, Italia, Kazakhstan, Madagaskar, Mozambik, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rusia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, and Zimbabwe. In Indonesia, Emerald is well known for engagement rings for Men and Women. Emerald is called “batu zamrud”. Emerald has a high prices.
There are many kinds of Emerald Stones, there are Colombia Emerald, Zamrud Emerald, Zambia Emerald, Rusia Emerald, and Green Emerald. If we talk about prices of Emerald, it is for about Rp. 3.000.000,00 and if its already in stones form, it can be 2 million rupiah’s per carat. Emerald has many means of symbol. There are a symbol of love and wiseness, for health, for brain strenght and run our brain, creating an enjoyable feel and many other that we can get when we use emerald.
For you who wants to use emerald for your engagement rings, I totally support you to do that. Because emerald engagement ring will makes your hand become more interesting and more beautiful with the green color of the stone.

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