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Betteridge Asscher Cut Engagement Ring Design

Asscher Cut Engagement Ring Vintage

Asscher cut engagement ring is a company of jewelery which sold engagement asscher cut engagement ring vintage. The name Royal Asscher is synonymous with the finest Engagement rings for Men and Women in the world. The company is still owned by the Asscher family, a renowned international diamond dynasty with … Read More →

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Beautiful Pave Engagement Rings Design

Pave Engagement Rings Meaning

Pave engagement rings is a ring which become a Pave Engagement Rings Meaning in this era. there are many couple in the world who choose this model to use pave engagement rings in their engagement moment. Ring become a symbol of love to every couple who use it together. Especially … Read More →

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Art Emerald Engagement Ring Decoration

Emerald Engagement Rings Vintage

Emerald engagement ring is a new innovation in Emerald Engagement Rings Vintage. Emerald, comes from many languages. There are France : Esmeraude , England : Emeraude),Greece : σμάραγδος (smaragdos; “permata hijau”); Persia (زمرد zomorrod), Turkish (zümrüt), Sansekerta (मरग्दम् maragdam), Georgia (ზურმუხტი, zurmukhti), Rusia (изумруд; izumrud) dan zmruxt Armenia. Emerald engagement … Read More →

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Black Peridot Engagement Rings Circle

Peridot Engagement Rings Uk

Peridot engagement rings have an appearance like Peridot engagement rings Uk. It is like an green sapphire. Don’t you know about green sapphire? Green sapphire engagement rings are combination of 2 material of jewelry in general, green color and sapphire. Green and sapphire have became a favorite Engagement Rings for … Read More →