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Alexandrite engagement ring is a ring which made by alexandrite stone. Pure alexandrite stone is very extermely rare, valuable, because alexandrite engagement ring meaning is very exotic and can change the color. Alexandrite is a stone which very wonderful Engagement rings for Men and Women a high quality that need to be a engagement ring or wedding ring which perfect, rare, beautiful, and historical.
This stone will be so beautiful if it made for engagement ring. It is the only gem, which has a real nobility and exclusivity feel to it, regardless of the quality (you need to spend a fortune on a top range sapphire or diamond to have this feel). If talk about the cost of Alexandrite engagement ring, its is very important. The cost of Alexandrite based on the quality and size. It means, if you want to buy Alexandrite engagement ring in middle quality, the cost is about $ 300,00, but if you want the higher quality and can change the color perfectly, the cost is about $ 3000 and $15,000 per carat.
Most Alexandrite gemstones used for engagement rings are under one carat, and it is safe to budget $1.500 to $6.000 for an 18K gold engagement ring, with 0.3-0.6cts Alexandrite in the center and some diamonds around it. There are many form of Alexandrite engagement ring. First, it is round engagement rings. This model has a round form in the middle of rings. Some people called eyes. This design is the most popular design which used by many couple in the world. The round form is symbol of an everlasting love for the couple. Couple who choose to use this model, usually has some characteristic. It is romantic, honest, conservative and believable.
Second, it is oval form of engagement rings. This oval form is almost like a round form, but it is different. Oval engagement rings is a symbol for people who is an individual person, but has a good creativity. Beside that, people who choose this model, usually is a traditional person but easy to adapt with a new environment.
Third, it is a pear form. This model is taking an idea from pear. It is a symbol for woman who is an individual person but has a smooth character. Pear also become a symbol of happy family. And people who choose to use thi model usually has a high standard for their life and for their environment.
Fourth, it is heart/love form. This model is the truly romantic symbol. People who choose this model usually has a romantic characteristic and has a soft feel. Even, usually this type person is too hard to apologize someone, but they can face the world with optimism.

the meaning of alexandrite engagement ring

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antique alexandrite engagement ring white
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edwardian alexandrite engagement ring antique
art alexandrite engagement ring masters
fly alexandrite engagement ring design
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